“Every person’s life unfolds in a way that is unique to them. Each significant event you experience leaves a trace: every high, every low, every elation, every suffering. These experiences shape you into who you are meant to be. And when you decode them, you’ll discover that the Universe has a plan for who you are meant to be. You are here to fill your unique role, career, and mission. Your greatest job is to uncover your story, stay true to it, and act from it.” -The Buddha and the Badass, by Vishen Lakhiani

Coaching is a good fit if...

You are ready to start on a journey of getting closer to your truth

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  • You want to feel that your life has meaning and you’re making an impact.
  • You want an objective, trusting party that is curious about your beliefs and may constructively challenge them.
  • You’re ready to expand your thinking and bring awareness to patterns so that you have clarity in choosing your next step.
  • You want to grow in every dimension, feel more connected, and have pure joy more often.

This may involve a letting go of identities, jobs, relationships, or a way of being, and an ending of what was once important.

Uncover what has been laying dormant and ready to emerge within you.

you want real progress


  • Your body, heart, and mind are ready for change (or maybe just one is driving the ship, and you desire integration).
  • You are sick of talking in circles and wasting time.
  • You’ve tried online courses, talking to friends and trying to do it on your own, and it isn’t working.

You will get past the fear and beliefs that are not serving you. Transition farther faster with my help to build a career and life of your dreams. Nearly every accomplished top athlete, executive and top performer invests in a coach (including me) and I have seen what is possible when by your side.

Transformational change is possible

Our beliefs become our reality.
Transformation occurs when perception shifts.


To transform our results, we need to prioritize the way we/the “observer” perceive ourselves and our place in the world around us (our beliefs). This is done through bringing in awareness of three key areas: physiology (body posture), emotions & moods, and language. These are where perceptions and attitudes live and beliefs form.  Without an objective party it can be super hard to see our ingrained habits and beliefs and how they are impacting our results.

Body Emotions and Language diagram and how it impacts the results you get

Your whole being is ready for change

Either your life is working or it’s not. (Our feelings, thoughts, and beliefs impact everything we do.  Where do you see yourself in one, two, or three years?  What would your career, relationships, creativity, health, and finances look like if you consistently lived from a place of your highest Self (compassion, curiosity, clarity, calm, confidence, connectedness, and courage)? These are available at any time, what would it look like to tap into this more consistently in the present moment?

Sessions with me focus on your whole being, past, present, and future, and how you show up in the world while achieving your goals.

Woman meditating to the mountain sun
Earth from Space

You are ready to make an impact

Almost all of my clients mention having the desire to have a positive impact on the world. Whether this is on their children, their families, or how they envision their business creating impact long-term.

The average person has at least 80,000 hours of work in this world (40 hours x 50 weeks per year for 40 years), and your career is your biggest opportunity!

Contribution and what you can give back to the world can be thought of as concentric circles… you are in the middle, close relationships, followed by your community, society, country, planet, and universe. From your highest self, what kind of impact would make the biggest difference and what would the trickle down effect be?

Creating positive impact makes us feel good, and is one of the four pillars of finding your Ikigai (your reason for being): what you love, what you are good at, what you can be paid for, and what the world needs.

What is holding you back from finding and acting upon your unique IMPACT? What will happen if your unique calling doesn’t get a chance to see the light of day?

Clear away the clouds and uncover your sunshine with me. We will plant those seeds, sprout, bud and bloom your vision with grounded action.


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