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Uncover Your Sunshine: Enhance Confidence, Navigate Self-Discovery, and Fulfill Your Life Purpose with an Elite Executive Career Coach, Cherie Wilcox.
Career Coach, Executive Career Coach, Life Coach, Spiritual Coach, Career Counselor, Find my Purpose, Confidence coach, find life purpose.
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Client Testimonials

"Cherie is incredible! I would strongly recommend her if you are struggling with job hunting, don’t know where to start, or just aren’t motivated. Not only she is incredibly knowledgeable on the whole process (interviews, resumes, etc...) but she also becomes your personal cheerleader, always reassuring and motivating you through everything. I am SO happy that Cherie was my coach, I got my dream job in my dream city, and allowed me to get the fresh start I wanted and needed! "
Space Industry
"Cherie has been instrumental in helping me to better understand my strengths and values and has given me the self-confidence I needed to pursue a SIGNIFICANT career path change, including a business sale. I will FOREVER be grateful to her!
"Cherie is an EXCEPTIONAL and inspiring career coach. Through holistically-focused coaching sessions, Cherie has helped me gain clarity and perspective on my life and work, while also providing invaluable tools and techniques that I constantly use. Her ability to pivot coaching between building confidence, interview preparation, and career trajectory has been truly impressive, and her personal connection and rapport with me have been unparalleled. With her unwavering support and guidance, I have achieved my goals and improved my overall quality of life. I highly recommend Cherie to anyone seeking a skilled, talented, and compassionate coach."
Photo Portrait of Scott D.
Scott D.
Engineer, Analytics, Healthcare
"Working with Cherie, I've experienced greater self-awareness, ability to self-manage, and to trust my gut/instincts more effectively - and confidently. I'm able to apply the learnings from our coaching sessions into making better decisions and also become a better coach. Cherie is very empathetic, supportive, and she truly cares! Highly recommend Cherie as a coach!"
Marge A.
Executive Coach
"Coach Extraordinaire! I was thinking of making a career change. This change was taking me out of my comfort zone. Once I met with Cherie and we talked about my thoughts for future career direction, she listened to my concerns. We explored what I was and wasn't saying through body language and internal beliefs. Cherie helped me confront my fear of failure by using visioning exercises focusing on “what success would look like”. These techniques and others helped me to build confidence with the reassurance that no matter the outcome, I was still a success. Cherie took me to a place I would not have gone on my own. I know she can do the same for you."
Craig C.
Program Manager
"Cherie has such a genuine heart for coaching and it came through in every session. She helped me get really specific about what the real issue was, underneath the surface. I felt like her coaching allowed me to explore my experience more deeply, which helped me set more heart and value centered goals. Cherie is a shining star!"
Stacy S.
Holistic Health
"Cherie is a natural-born coach. When I feel stuck, her sessions help me break out of entrenched patterns I can't see. EXTREMELY valuable, and I’m starting to do it for myself and am finally reaching my goals." -
Stewart W.
Owner, Real Estate
“Working with Cherie was the best decision I made in terms of preparing for interviewing. She sent me several resources (practice questions, tips and tricks, YouTube video recommendations, etc…) to help prep and scheduled a very realistic practice interview session. The combination of these exercises helped me feel well prepared, less anxious, and confident going into the interview for my dream job! Afterwards, I felt like I had knocked it out of the park! I highly recommend Cherie for any job seekers looking to hone their interview skills.”
Amy S.
Senior Manager, Telecommunications
"I am not a person that likes to share personal information with anyone. However, I was feeling stuck and my wife recommended talking to Cherie. From day 1, I felt comfortable and got the immediate feeling Cherie was genuinely interested in helping. Throughout our coaching, I found myself actually looking forward to it and could recognize accomplishments as well as a sense of direction. I am very thankful that I decided to make that first appointment."
Eldred F.
"Cherie's coaching style is enthusiastic and engaging. Working through my goals of improving my LinkedIn account and discovering my Enneagram personality ended up being an easy task. Cherie asks insightful questions, motivated me, and cheered me up every step of the way. I enjoyed and looked forward to my sessions with Cherie and reached my goals with her beside me."
Sylvie M.
Global Resilience and Wellness
"Cherie - I’m super excited. You nailed it and exceeded my expectations on timing and content. It’s off. I’m so grateful. You are a real talent and your attention to detail sets me up really well. " - (Executive Resume Services)
Virginia T.
Chief Global Social Impact Officer

Cherie exceeded my expectations by always asking great questions, challenging my beliefs, reflecting on what she was hearing, and pushing me to challenge myself outside of my comfort zone, but mainly empowering me of all that I have done and have to offer. I was mind blown by the number of skills, experience, and things I have done in my career. I didn’t realize how much I’d done until Cherie asked questions and we talked through this process. It was eye-opening. This strongly helped prepare me for interviews by talking about my experiences, skills, etc, and giving concrete examples with data on how successful I’ve been. Before connecting with Cherie, I wouldn’t have been able to answer the common ‘tell me about yourself interview question in a condensed matter and highlight my ‘why’.

Cherie always believed in me and cheered me on every step of the way. This helped me take the step to believe in myself. When I met with Cherie, I told her I wanted to get hired by May, and I was able to successfully achieve this goal. I gained so much confidence and clarity in myself throughout the entire interview process I now know I have what it takes to work for a Fortune 500 company. Cherie led me and helped me to believe in the inherent brilliance and direction that was there (all along) inside of me. Cherie helped me push through my barriers and mental blocks into who I am!

Cherie always showed up for me whenever I had a question, follow up, or needed more interview practice before my extensive interviews. She gave me solid feedback, tips, reminders, and things to consider. I remember practicing a presentation for one of my extensive interviews with top executives and leaders, she gave me guidance and feedback on the structure of my outline and reminded me to incorporate my unique story into the presentation. She also knew how much I looked up to Brene Brown and sent me a video of one of her talks pointing out her presentation style and how she was delivering her message. This gave me so much clarity and motivation in reminding me that I can do this too! I have the ability and determination to reach my goals.

She will walk with you, support you, connect with the ‘true’ you, help make your resume stand out by highlighting your strengths, and much more. She’s amazing at bringing out your best for practice interviews because practicing goes a long way in displaying your strengths and what you have to offer. I strongly recommend Cherie to anyone seeking clarity, confidence, and becoming your best self.”

Senior Consultant

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