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  • Career & Life Coaching Services

    • Whether it's finding your Ikigai (reason for being), having invicible confidence, or operating from your most optimized self as a leader or partner, we come up with a specialized program that is specific to you and no one else. The focus is on radical transformation that honors the true you, that whispers what is possible, and connects to your highest potential.
    • I aim to provide a world class coaching experience and 5 star service.
      I limit my clients to a select few (that are highly motivated to make a change) to make sure that I am focused, give my best work, and am fully present.
    • A 30-minute intro call is on me to see if we are a good fit.
    • Confidentiality and discretion are of utmost importance.

Package & Standalone Services

full career pivot

This takes you from where you are now to a much more fulfilling role that aligns with your interests, values, strengths, AND your inner calling. Major introspection, fun work, and increasing your self-awareness are involved. How quickly this happens is dependent on how motivated you are as well as what degree of pivot you desire. 100% success rate in clients finding clarity and getting interviews.

life direction and purpose

If you are sick of being confused and not sure what your next move should be, this set of sessions is designed to build clarity and a life you love (why are you waiting?), whether it's changing careers, partners, building a business, or just needing life support, these sessions are designed to help you stop wondering "WHAT IF?" and start doing something about it.

interview prep and practice

After working with hundreds of Fortune 500 recruiters to small business organizations, I have a very good sense of what is needed to nail your interview and showcase what you offer as well as be true to what you want. This package includes prep-work, a 2-hour practice session with advice, tips, and 30-minute telephone consultation.

targeted executive resume and cover letter

100% reported success rate in getting interviews. I do not create generic resumes - your intent must be for a specific position or industry. Includes a 30-minute intro call to make sure we are on the same page, 3-4 hours of prep-work completing resume and strategy planning documents (from you), and a 90-minute consultation call. 6 business day turnaround. Rush service is possible for an additional fee.

Enneagram Discovery Session: Unveil Your Core Type and Instinct

Focused Enneagram Typing: Dive into a 2-hour session dedicated to identifying your Enneagram type and instinctual subtype - Self-Preservation, Social, or Sexual (1:1). Gain a foundational understanding of your type and how it influences your behavior and interactions.

Perfect for Enneagram Newcomers and Enthusiasts: This session is ideal for anyone new to the Enneagram or those seeking to confirm their type. It’s particularly useful for understanding the nuances of your subtype and how it plays a role in your daily life.

Expert-Led Insights: With over 12 years of experience in Enneagram studies and guidance from renowned teachers, I offer an empathetic and informed approach to your Enneagram journey, ensuring a session filled with valuable insights.

Beyond Typing - Integration with Personal Growth: The Enneagram Discovery Session is an excellent standalone tool for self-discovery and can also serve as a starting point for more in-depth, personalized coaching. Consider combining this session with a bespoke 4-session coaching package to further explore personal development.

A Journey to Self-Awareness: While the session focuses primarily on typing, it provides significant insights into your core Enneagram type, setting the stage for a deeper exploration of personal growth and self-awareness.

LinkedIn Optimization

Unlock the full potential of your LinkedIn profile with my tailored optimization services, designed to elevate your professional online presence and connect you with the right opportunities.

May include:
🌟 Get expert advice & feedback on selecting the right profile photo and banner.
🌟 Revamp your Headline & About section.
🌟 Optimize your Skill & Experience sections.
🌟 Learn the art of giving and requesting recommendations to boost credibility.
🌟 Discover tactics for growing your professional network and making key industry connections.
🌟 Guidance on engaging with LinkedIn groups to increase your visibility.
🌟 Keywords and understanding their importance.
🌟 Personal Branding Consistency.
🌟 LinkedIn Tools & Resources.

Sample Coaching Topics:


1:1 Individual session

Immediate Support
$ 200 - 450+
Depends on Subject, Preparation/Homework, and 45, 90, or 120+ Minutes
  • Stand-alone appointments that are designed to help with:
  • Gaining clarity and confidence in your next step
  • Practice to nail your interviews
  • Beginning to uncover purpose
  • Enneagram discovery session
  • Leadership skill improvement
  • CCI - Career Interview to give you insight and path forward when stuck
  • Uncovering your unique strengths, values, interests + more!!!

6 Month

Package Service
$ 2400 - 4320
12 Sessions
50 | 90 Minutes
$2400 | $4320
  • Choose 50-minute sessions for focused, direct coaching tailored to your immediate needs. Opt for 90-minute sessions to include homework and deeper exercises for comprehensive personal growth.
  • Everything listed to the left and in sample topics above
  • Highly customizable to where you are now and the future you dream of
  • Consistent appointments to hold you accountable and motivated
  • Resources and preparation documentation included!
  • Extra FREE Enneagram Typing Session Included

12 Month

Best Value and Long Term Support
10% Discount

Depends on Length of Sessions
  • Everything listed to the left and in sample topics above
  • Unlimited email support
  • Preparation documents & resources Included
  • Most change in your habits, beliefs and overall happiness
  • Accountability, support and all the bells and whistles!
  • 10% Discount!!!!
best value

TARGETED RESUME COVER LETTer Or linkedIn optimization

Stand-Alone Services
$ 150
(Per Hour)
  • Prospective clients request a quote. Exact pricing is based on factors such as profession, level of responsibility, length of employment and career objective
  • Pricing includes: 90 Minute Consultation, Resume Focus & Strategy Planning Documents
  • Expect to spend 3-4 hours in preparation
  • Price range for mid-level to executive resumes is typically $900-$1200 (6 business day turn around), with additional $200 fee for rush service

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