I’m Cherie, and I’m a certified Career and Life Coach. Are whispers calling you for something new?


You want clarity, and you want to reach your goals. And … you have no idea how to get there, or what you’re moving towards? Maybe, you know that you WANT OUT? Or, you’re trying to decide between options?


Whether you’re contemplating a new job, figuring out how to show up as a better leader, or just wanting to find your Ikigai (reason for being)…I’m here to work with your WHOLE being and uncover the unique brilliance inherent within you.


Specifically, around careers, I have worked with over 300 corporate (Fortune 500) and non-corporate recruiters from Google, Deloitte, Walt Disney, and McKinsey to small mom-and-pop places. I understand what it takes to get a job that you love, are good at, and that you can get paid for!

Together, we will create the BEST LIFE for now and your future.


My clients come from many cultural backgrounds, ages (18-70), spiritual backgrounds (secular to spiritual/religious) relationship status (single, divorced, married) and genders.


Navigating the world with a dual frame of reference (for example having parents from a country outside the U.S. or being divorced and then creating a new family, or contemplating an entirely new career change and identity) can impact the way you show up in the world. All of these had a huge impact on me, and helped me grow to be a pretty phenomenal human. I want to help you get there too.


Questions like who am I are so important to consider as well as who am I becoming and being?


I’ve traveled extensively around the world, am the daughter and partner of immigrants, and appreciate the learning that comes from embracing alternative view points by having these experiences. I am committed to holding total acceptance for who you are and how you’ve arrived, and I believe in the power of following what brings you joy and fulfillment to create a present and future that you love.

credentials, trainings and such...

Certified International Coaching Federation Coach

ICF credential-holders are part of a self-regulating group of elite coaches who provide accountability to clients and the coaching profession as a whole. They pursue and complete rigorous education and practice requirements that provide unquestioned legitimacy to their commitment to excellence in coaching.


The Enneagram is one of the most powerful and insightful tools for understanding ourselves and others. At its core, the Enneagram helps us to see ourselves at a deeper, more objective level and can be of invaluable assistance on our path to self-knowledge. Understanding your Enneagram type can help you see patterns of yourself and those around you in communication, conflict and relationships, teams, leadership, feedback, self-mastery, interactions, and decision-making. I'm a 7, what are you?

Internal family Systems

Just like in the movie, "Inside Out", we all have parts within ourselves with their own wants, needs, dreams, wishes, and fears. Parts work is used in coaching to address your inner board members that are running the show and are potentially responsible for gridlock in achieving your goals or making decisions. Certified in IFS Inspired Coaching as well as enrolling in a year long course: IFS Online Circle and Foundations.

certified Newfield Network Coach for Personal & Professional Mastery

Newfield Network's methodology brings about deep transformation, enabling clients to grow, learn, and question their deepest assumptions. This ontological work (your way of being and how you show up in the world) creates an environment where true, lasting change can happen. A person’s way of being can be understood more clearly by breaking it up into three areas—the way we use language, the mood we generate, and the way we use our body.

somatic and ontological coaching

The way we use our bodies also determines how we perceive the world. The simple act of deliberately uncrossing one’s arms facilitates a more open way of being. Standing up straight can increase a person’s confidence. Newfield coaches become adept at coaching people on how to shift their body so as to create shifts in their way of being. Tuning into your body, heart, and mind provides deep wisdom imperative to really listening and honoring your whole self and reaching your highest potential.

20+ Years of career services Experience + GCDF.

Executive in the career services field for over 20 years. Trained in Gallup Strengthsfinder, MBTI, Design Your Life, VIA, Values, Positive Psychology and many other assessments. A professional with this training has received in-depth instruction in a 120-hour class provided by a nationally qualified and certified trainer. This training is centered on 12 competencies which were developed by the National Career Development Association (NCDA), the professional association for career development.

CEO, Healed Healer Institute

Two years ago my partner and I created an institute to help therapists become the best possible by following a conscious heart approach to therapy and coaching. As entrepreneurs, we are in the process of building an entire suite of courses online to teach this approach to others. Teachings will enable profound healing for clients.

Pivot Career coach

Pivot’s coaching is based on Jenny Blake’s award-winning book, Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One, and the four-stage Pivot Method framework she outlines within it.  This is a model Jenny first piloted (even without the exact language at the time) when co-creating Google’s global drop-in coaching program, Career Guru, in 2009 — one still celebrated and thriving at Google today: the Four-Stage Pivot Method. Ultimately, Pivot boils down to a simple series of repeatable questions: * What’s working?
 * What does success look like?
 * What’s out there?
 * What can I try?"
 That’s it. You cannot know your entire Pivot plan up front. You have to break things down into small enough chunks that feel safe to try, then let those pilots show you what starts to gain traction.

Parent & Partner

My amazing partner and I are raising two of the most beautiful and brilliant humans coming into their own sunshine. This hasn't been without trials and tribulations having gone through a separation, having dual households, and navigating being step-parents. I am so grateful for all the growth and learning that has been earned along the way.

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